How to use Webhooks

Receive live updates when it happens with webhooks.

Webhooks are a powerful tool to keep track of the goings on inside ATLAS. With webhooks discord and other 3 party applications can be notified when something happens.

This article will focus exclusively on discord integration.

Step 1: Creating the Discord webhook

Inside of discord you will need to create a webhook for ATLAS to use. Select the channel you want the message to appear in, and press edit. Then navigate to Integrations, and then webhooks. Press "Create Webhook".

Discord with the Integration -> Webhooks and Create Webhook button highlighted.

After the webhook has been created, call it "ATLAS" and press "Copy Webhook URL", don't worry about the image.

Discord with the name input and copy webhook button highlighted

Step 2: Hand over to ATLAS

Inside ATLAS, navigate to the API Page and press "Webhooks", then press "Create new Webhook".

ATLAS with the API, Webhooks & Create New Webhook button highlighted

Next, inside of the new popup you need to setup the following configuration:

It is crucial that it is set up properly.

ATLAS Webhook config

Then hit "Create".


Enjoy your new webhook!

Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 8.01.47 pm.png

Need more help?

If you can't create a webhook, or it doesn't work, contact VACenter Support.