How to use ATC Mode

ATC Mode allows you to have controllers as a part of your ATLAS experience.

What is ATC Mode?

ATC Mode in ATLAS v1.4 is a powerful feature exclusively available to virtual airlines with an ultra subscription and beta program access. It enables designated members to assume the roles of pilot + ATC, granting them access to the "File Operation" page for submitting control time and the ability to announce when they open frequencies. Administrators can review and approve these reports, adding approved control time to members' statistics, enhancing coordination and realism within the virtual airline community.

Enabling ATC Mode

ATC mode is enabled when a VA has the Ultra subscription and "Beta Program" turned on (From VA Details).

Opening & Closing ATC

To announce when you open or close an ATC frequency, navigate to the "New Operation" page and press "Open ATC" or "Close ATC" respectively. You will then be prompted with requests for information.


Filing an operation report

When filing a report you need to include the following information:

  1. Airport ICAO (If controlling center, just enter the main airport)
  2. Operations count (As given by IF)
  3. Date of control
  4. Multiplier code (If desired)
  5. Control time
  6. Positions (Ground, Tower, etc)


Managing Operation Reports

Operations are done exactly the same as PIREPs from the "Operations" page.

Need more help?

If you are unable to use ATC Mode or experience an error, contact VACenter support.